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How to organize your kitchen so neat?

How to organize your kitchen so neat - The kitchen is neat with the placement of equipment and materials the right kitchen can increase the efficiency of cooking, besides making it unsightly. 

If you're in the kitchen to spend more time looking around for utensils or kitchen ingredients rather than cooking, your kitchen means not quite well. 

Tip organize your kitchen space here is not just focusing on the outer appearance of the kitchen, but also feeling the way to organize the inside of the Cabinet and the drawer of the kitchen.


How to organize your kitchen space

Considering the kitchen as part of a very functional kitchen setup a home, it is not enough just to make the kitchen look beautiful, but it also needs to consider its versatility. The appearance of a beautiful kitchen can be enjoyed by anyone, whereas the practicality of the kitchen user can be felt the kitchen when cooking.

The principles of how to organize your kitchen so pretty:

  • Clean. Absolute kitchen hygiene became a top priority because the kitchen is a great place to store and prepare food. Clear the kitchen table, fridge, stove, about floors, and other surfaces with surface-cleaning products, such as the Cif, whenever you are done the cooking.
  • Dry. The area around the sink dishwasher prone to become muddy. Whenever possible, put the special shelf above or near a sink for drop sweet gadgets so that no water droplets washed oozes everywhere. Immediately wipe water drops so as not to leave water stains or dried crust of lime.
  • Free of odor. Steam cooking is too thick can leave the odor in the kitchen and other rooms. Use of materials or products of absorbing odors and keep the air circulation in the kitchen seamlessly so that the wind carried away steam out of the home.
  • Concise. Hide as much as possible to avoid cluttering the kitchen objects. You might consider replacing the shelf plate open closets, cabinets, and kitchen drawers for storing cooking utensils and kitchen ingredients. If storage space is limited, you can juggle with the hanging Cookware on the wall without neglecting the aesthetic. Move the excess to the cuisine of the container and store in the fridge, rather than leave it in the pot that is lying.

Organize your kitchen in order to realize the practicality of basically put the cookware and kitchen ingredients to be easy to find and reach.

  • Salt, pepper powder, spices and ready-made should be kept near the stove. So also with the main Cookware, such as a frying pan and pot mainstay.
  • Cutlery can be kept further away from the stove but the dishwasher.
  • Baking pan and roast better equipment stored near the oven.
  • Save kitchen utensil that is rarely used in place of the more hidden in the closet.

Tips to organize kitchen utensils inside the Cabinet and drawer

Organize your kitchen becomes easier if you have enough storage space. Better than a closet drawer because the items stored in drawers is visible from the top so that it is easier to find and reach. In contrast, objects in the back corner of a closet are not visible and hard earned. However, the Cabinet walls are still required to take advantage of the best possible kitchen space.

Organize your kitchen wall cabinet :

  • Allocate one Cabinet for spices dried ready-made, flour, and grain. Save any type of these materials in a transparent jar-jar. Oils and bottled sauce could also fit in this cabinet.

  • Provide one Cabinet for supplies of coffee, tea, canned food, instant food and. You can let these materials in its original packaging so that you can keep track of the date of its expiry.

  • Put ingredients that are rarely used in the highest location in the Cabinet walls, not on top of the Cabinet walls!

Organize your kitchen drawer:

Use a baffle inside the top drawer to classify tablespoons, teaspoons, forks, knives, kitchen knives to eat, spoon the vegetable, etc. Make sure you keep sharp objects in drawers that are far from the reach of children or in a drawer can be locked

Drawers the larger drawers can be used to save a pile of pots, pans, containers-plastic containers, etc.

Make the most of the space under the sink to store cleaning products. Make sure the room is locked so that it cannot reach the children.

Well, got a small kitchen at home does not mean not able to save a lot of cooking utensils, right? The important thing is, how do we organize the kitchen get to every corner in order to be efficiently used.

Good luck Yes, hopefully, the above tips useful for housewives like Mama.
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