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10 Trick small living room look more spacious

10 Trick small living room look more spacious - For those of you who live in apartments or urban areas certainly often faced with limited space. If this is your situation, you can take into account the small living room as a creative design challenge.

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The key to living a happy and comfortable in the narrow spaces is to combine the various solutions save space and versatility while expressing your personal style. A wise decision would create a space you need and change your room into a special and inviting. Here are some tips that can help you make the most of the space is very important, namely living room.

1. Space without limits

On the limited living space, you can create an airy space with opened doors or walls so that the spaces next to it can be fused. The living room can consist of a combined living room, dining room, and kitchen if you get rid of any wall that separates. Similarly, widened doors and open it up toward the ceiling will give the impression of a more open and airy.

2. Take advantage of the built-in furniture

Built-in furniture is great investment ideas while the precise solutions according to the needs of limited living space. You can customize each of the furniture for your living room and add one or two other elements to maximize its use.

One example where the multifunctional storage that is hidden under the couch built-in. If buying furniture with special model exceeds your budget, develop your creativity with homemade drawer under the sofa or outboard on the shelf wall. Install shelves high walls to create a vertical pattern. Higher shelf placement will help create a solid impression in the room.

3. Layout and creative lighting

Whenever possible, try to arrange the furniture to create a separation between several functional zones. These tips will help determine the different functions in one space; for example, placing a table behind the sofa to create a working space, or set up chairs and sofas You in a way such that separate the living room from the dining room.

You can define the layout by putting different chandeliers in each separate zone, e.g. in the living room, use of lights near the ceiling. Then, in the dining room next to it, use a lamp other models that hang just above the table.

4. Maximum natural light

Take advantage of the natural light source to make the room brighter. A room illuminated sunlight looks more open and helps get rid of the shadows that can make the closed area seem smaller. The simplest way to maximize natural light in a space is to put a mirror that will reflect light through the window. In addition, the mirror also creates the illusion of space is contrast. Whenever possible, place the most commonly used furniture such as a sofa or Chair that is comfortable so it has views outwards.

5. The appropriate color choice

The use of classic colors white or pastel is still the best choice to paint smaller spaces. In addition, painting the walls in a room and list of the same color also draw attention to and highlight the ceiling, as it is in this room.

However, you can also choose a color that is darker and soothing like for example, dark blue or dark grey, which can make small spaces better impress invite. The trick in a small space is a dark wall with balancing elements are lighter to create depth and brighten up a room, for example, put a lighter-colored couch in a dark wall. Add the lighter colored with furniture, accessories, colorful and patterned carpets.

If you dare, you can also experiment with paint or wallpaper patterned with the horizontal or vertical line on the wall, which will expand or visually lengthen the walls.

6. Get rid of padded sofa ancient

The important principle is to avoid large and heavy furniture that will dominate and make the room feel smaller. Instead, choose furniture especially low sofas and efficient. That is, there is a short distance from the floor to the seat. From a design standpoint, this means smaller sofa legs, slim or cushion the bottom of narrow.

Take advantage of the wall above the sofa You to balance the space with large-scale decorations. For example, hang a large painting or arranging the rows of shelving an attractive vertical gaze upward.

7. Multi-task

In a limited space, a function can include more than one destination? With multi-task or dual function, You can hold the entire needs of your living room. Storage is another useful aspect. An example is a wall or rack console table as a table and the sofa bed useful multifunctional sliding. Instead of Dining chairs, you can use the bench with hidden drawers. They all have the same purpose and provide extra space for various needs.

8. Add the impression of a carpet

Whenever possible, use the carpet that goes beyond the furniture in every book. For example, a carpet that lay under the sofa, coffee table (coffee table) and an extra seat will attract wider views and make the living room look more spacious. On the other hand, small rugs that are just a little bigger than a coffee table could look like a doormat caused the bathroom living room looks more narrow.

9. Create a focal point

Make the most of your living room are too small to create a distinctive design. In particular, please choose one of the aspects that can be highlighted with something interesting visually. The view will be directly fixed on the characteristic that stands out, with little emphasis on the size of the space is limited.

An example is by designing a wall behind the patterned sofa with color, texture, or wall decor. Use upholstery material such as cloth, wall murals, and framed painting or placing mirrors in brightly colored walls.

10. Express yourself!

Just because your living room is small, it does not mean You can not express the style that represents yourself. In the small room, the furniture is easy to take over the personality that emanated from that room.

Because the living room is the place where we spend a lot of time, then add the personality through various decorations that tell the story of your life and your household. The photos are framed creatively, trinkets relics of grandparents, works of art, or personal collection are some examples of decorative elements that can create the atmosphere of your comfortable guest room.
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