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10 tricks for Small kitchen designs!

Tricks for Small kitchen designs to look like a kitchen Chef - Cooking in the kitchen is clean and landscaped as a kitchen chef certainly be everyone's dream, especially for you who have a hobby of cooking. First, the kitchen is just a place to Cook, put the kitchenware and dining venues. 

But this time, the kitchen has more than just a place to cook alone. Now, depending on the cuisine, all in need of its own setup. Well the special for you who have a small kitchen, this time we will give you guys tips and tricks for small kitchen designs to be well-ordered bak kitchen chef.


Small kitchen design here could talk about how to organize your kitchen space can be crucial in creating while cooking in the kitchen. With these functions, we can use a small kitchen design minimalist-style chef as the primary choice for some represents the small space kitchen. Like what the hell, small kitchen design tricks a la chef who can try? Yuk, check out our reviews below!

1. Create a list of priority equipment needed
In cooking, whether it's for a large kitchen or kitchenette though, sure there is some Cookware that is used and there are also some that are only used occasionally. For small kitchen design, cooking equipment, organize the start of frequently used to rarely used.

Some kitchen equipment as basic as a fork, a knife, a set of spoons, spatula, plates, and glasses or cups, for a small kitchen design should be put in place or Cabinet that is easy if you can always put on the kitchen island (Island kitchen) or table counter. Both of these tools are very vital in cooking any type of activity.

For the knife, it's also important for us to know the wide range of functions and types of knives that are on a set of blades. So, in a small kitchen design, need to be drawn up this type of blade what could be used to cut meat, fruit, herbs, and bread. You can choose, where a knife that can be placed on the table and counter which can be saved in knife shelves. In order to take care of knives on a regular basis, so that there is no rusty knife.

2. try to play this type of Setup is right for your kitchen design.
When starting to design small kitchen, start with the Setup and the decor is just right. You can consider an L-shaped kitchen decor Design kitchen Setup. This consists of two counters arranged like a right angle. This could facilitate activities while it is cooking in the kitchen, and can be used by more than one person.

To create a more flexible cooking activity maximum, fun, and very likely to interact more, small kitchen design with the letters L-shaped space coupled with the presence of the kitchen island at the center of it is is a perfect choice.
As for the right design for you that want to apply small kitchen design the shape of the letter l. include:

o   For small kitchen design, on the right side of the kitchen, there is a sink and dishwasher as clean-up station.

o   Part of the left side, to a small kitchen design can be as the placement of the stove, the microwave or oven to the cooking zone to create the more charming.

o   The counter desk area or kitchen island complete with a drink can make your kitchen can be used for casual meals.

3. create cohesion to a small kitchen design so that it can give the illusion of a larger room
The presence of piles of stuff like dish can make small kitchen design look full. The possible solution for small kitchen design is to try to provide color paint walls with white color and use a variety of dishes with white color. The dishes are piling up will look disappeared as well as make small kitchen design feels more spacious and tidy.

4. Select the appropriate furniture for your kitchen design
For the minimalist impression as there is kitchen chef on small kitchen design, use furniture that fits, such as chairs and dining tables are made from lightweight materials and lean. This could help small kitchen design in order not to look too crowded with the limitations of the existing space.

Using furniture and kitchen set made stainless steel main for small kitchen design is also recommended. Because of neutral stainless steel, durable and long-lasting. Many also use Cabinet made from wood. Motives natural wood surface generally have certainly fit with the minimalist kitchen concept. Kitchen table top made of marble or granite is also popular among the public. Of course, these ingredients add to the luxurious and elegant impression in your kitchen.

5. The disposable rack is open for your kitchen design
In designing a small kitchen, you can use open shelving or open Wall shelves that can store a variety of kitchen appliances. The open shelves can give the illusion of a bigger room at once could beautify your kitchen if you can organize your kitchen utensils with a good in it.

6. Use of the sleek furnishings
In addition to using furniture such as glass, shiny furniture like tiles for the floor and backsplash near the sink, or electronic device made of stainless steel can also be used for small kitchen design. The Cabinet has a frame of stainless steel can make your kitchen a more tidy and spacious.

7. Placement of light smart for small kitchen design 
The key to the success of small kitchen design ala chef is actually the simplicity. In this case, small kitchen design simplicity one can attain through proper room lighting. You do not need to impose to put up a chandelier in the kitchen. In the kitchen, you only need a chandelier on the ceiling which is simple yet bright enough wattage so that a job cooking at home is not disturbed.

8. Room contrast makes the kitchen feel more spacious
For small kitchen design, large Windows and lighting quality lights make the room will be able to look bright. The selection of furniture with dark colors that contrast with the wall paint will make a small kitchen feel more elegant.

9. Always up to date with existing furniture trends
It's not a secret if the kitchen furniture is indeed very fast changes, this will indirectly impact on small kitchen design. Same is the case with the chef who is always updated, you must also follow changes and updates on the latest kitchen equipment. It does not mean you have to scatter the money, Yes, but you are trying to circumvent by creating a schedule for how many years to renew kitchen furniture and also a small kitchen design.

10. give the Green accent or a small garden in the kitchen.
It may sound impossible, Yes, in the narrow room you instead add a garden in a small kitchen design. But green accents from the plant will be able to make a small kitchen design look fresh and make it more interesting and fresh. You can make a kitchen plant by planting herbs such as lavender, oregano, parsley and many more. Put it near the kitchen window so that the plants also get sunlight. Or, you can also wear different types of plants.

Well, how about a small kitchen design tricks worth you try so that the atmosphere of the kitchen you more interesting and neat!
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