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Tips for decorating a minimalist and clean bathroom

The bathroom is one part of this House, which is very important for there to be treated and cared for, both in terms of cleanliness and design. It is reasonable given the bathroom is our place to get cleaned up and relaxation after a tired of all the activities of everyday life. Hence, the interior design of a bathroom should also note that you feel comfortable and safe while inside.


One of the things that make us lazy decorate or difficulty in doing the decorating the bathroom is the size is not too large or small. It makes a lot of the hassles in determining the layout or even so feel lazy to take care of it. But there are also the ones with creative design and decorating the bathroom is becoming very interesting and very comfortable to use.

Create your confusion in doing your minimalist bathroom decor, here are some things you can do if you wish to make a bathroom for a more stylish look special.

Tips for decorating Small Bathrooms

  • Determine the appropriate Lamp
The first tip in a minimalist bathroom decor is in terms of lighting or in the selection of lights. For a small bathroom, you should use the lamp with a light that is not too bright. The lights are too light will make the view be too dazzled, in addition, makes the nerves of the body becomes difficult to relax. Use fluorescent bulbs but with the power that is not too high.

Or in other words, Spec lighting is very important to make an impression in the room. Use a white light to reproduce the impression widespread on the bathroom.

Place the lamp in a strategic position so that it can serve both form and typology of the beautiful illusion of the room become visible. It's good you are using shades of white for a narrow bathroom.

  • Install and use of Maximise wall shelf
Although the bathrooms are small, the amenities are of course still must be used and placed there. Therefore, the use of Wall shelves can be the right choice so that space is not too diminished a lot. We recommend using a minimalist Wall shelf and could keep many tools at once. Wall shelf with glass can also be used and save costs as well.

Or for a storage area should make simple shelves designed attaches to the wall. Outboard shelving will help make the narrow bathroom because it will not take up space that makes the space more narrow.

  • Adjust so that the walls bright colors
Utilization of color in a minimalist bathroom decor is also very important to be able to give the impression that is spacious and comfortable. In addition, a color suitable for the bathroom is bright colors such as warm, light green, light blue or white.

All these colors can be used here. But with the record. Make sure this room gets direct sunlight paints brightly colored so that the work to its full potential.

So the bathroom is indeed not a hangout room. However, to avoid the impression of a narrow and claustrophobic, you can use the color of the bright paint to win the impression of it all.

  •  Use A Ceramic Wall Also
Installing ceramic tile wall in the lower part of the wall not only makes the bathroom look more interesting and Nice but also create the impression of a larger bathroom and clean. In addition to that, of course, we can more easily in cleaning the bottom of the wall than if we are going to clean up the bottom of the bathroom walls using paint in the wall only.

  • Add The Illusion Of Space
Create the illusion of space with put the mirror in the bathroom. The mirror that is used can be any shape. You can also use transparent glass to partition the space wet and dry in the bathroom. The transparent partition will create the illusion of still widespread in the narrow space.

  • Use White Flooring So That The Bouncing
For the floor, so that your bathroom look elegant and memorable relief, could use a white floor or floors like glass. By using ceramic, then the size of your bathroom will look bigger than the original, and the minimalist bathroom decor will look more attractive and clean.

Do not use the color of the bathroom floor with a color that tends to be dark, as it will absorb light or cannot reflect light from the lamp lighting so that the atmosphere in the bathroom is dark and stuffy to be impressed

The trick for the bathroom is suitable to be applied in the apartment. Staying in the apartments have the advantage of being surrounded by complete public facilities and easy access. In addition, the distance is also relatively close to the city center.

Now that he's a couple of tips from our friend Jenisa all. Maybe useful and could be a reference especially for you who like to decorate the bathroom at home.
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