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Tips setting the dinner table to make it look Beautiful

Tips setting the dinner table to make it look Beautiful - The dining room is one of the vital areas in a dwelling. Although your home is minimalist in style yet still try to stay there is the dining room inside. Because it not only serves as a place for eating a meal, dining room too often became a family gathered together.

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Therefore it is important to design a dining room with both in order to create a cozy atmosphere. The problem with the size of a limited space sometimes to put the dining table we've had difficulties.

But not to worry. You still can, turning the small dining room to make it look attractive. The key is right in selecting and setting the table. Here are his tips.

Low table
To make the narrow dining room to look wide, use the table intersect. The low dining table will create the illusion of widespread because of your views more freely.

If you want to create different shades, you can also use the table of typical Japan tatami. No need to use the great seats, enough mini Chair with padded seat. This will save space and create more space clean.

Folding table
To get around the limited space, you can also use the model of a folding table. The folding table can be put together with the wall or cabinets. You can open it at any time want to use.

After completion of the fold back like life is used again, and will again. Complete folding table with this type of folding chair so that when not worn seat can also be stored in one corner of the room.

Wooden tables with long benches
A set of wooden tables with long benches is the right choice to create a minimalist dining room. Simple table design simply powerful space saving. Place the other end of the table attached to the wall.

To create a different look, you can paint with bright colors such as white or pastel. When not in use, the bench can be inserted into space under the table so it's neater. So interesting you can add flower vase or a cactus mini on it.

Connect with kitchen use bar table
To save space, you can unify a dining area with a kitchen. Make a stylish kitchen bar table that contains the 2-3 Chair. Bar table saves space because it has a minimalist design.

So comfortable you could decorate with knick-knacks or a chandelier above it so as to create an atmosphere of warm and welcoming family.

Small table
For a small space, choose a dining table which is also small. Select the table too big will make space becomes narrow. Round or square tables are small white or rosy color is perfect for the minimalist dining room.

Place it near a window open so visible light and add the 2-4 Chair to complement them. To beautify the look you can add a vase of flowers on it.

Oval table
If you want a slightly larger table, select the oval table design. Table oval will be more flexible and save space compared to the table with a big circle or rectangle. Oval design also makes the impression of a lighter and not stiff.

Take advantage of the space with Sofa corner L
Empty corner could be the right place to put the dining table. You could use a square table is not too large. Then make L-shaped sofa or bench following a corner room so that you no need to buy a lot of seats.

Designs like these will maximize your existing space. In addition design sofa L will make area dining tables look attractive and catchy.

The idea to organize the dinner table like this fit was applied to Your minimalist home
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